Authentic Movement

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geschlossene Gruppe für 9 Monate

Individual work- personal sessions
What is it good for to come to me for individual work?

You have a specific concern that you cannot work on in a group setting.

You want to better understand the complex interplay between physical and mental reactions within you.
You want to get to know your body better and perceive it in its entirety.
You want to get to know and strengthen your resources.
You are looking for relaxation and well-being.
YOU want to reduce tensions and blockades.
You have questions about movements, movement patterns.
There is an area that is bothering you or even causing you difficulties and you are not getting anywhere with the health system.
You want to find and work on the root cause of problems especially in the dance/sport/movement area.

Individual work can include touch. Touch only takes place when it is wanted by you and in places where it is wanted. I work with you clothed.
My touch is listening to you. My hands are in dialogue with you, your cells and tissue layers. I also work intuitively through my own intuition and my many years of experience from Body-Mind Centering® and Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy (IBMT).
In doing so, I do not follow a sequence that is always the same as you may know from other bodywork practices, but am in dialogue with you and your needs.
Sometimes a one-on-one session can be very quiet and you receive above all. Sometimes it can be very moving and my hands can give you resistance (only if desired).

In the process of individual work only what you want takes place. A respectful approach and respect for boundaries is the basis of my work.

What do I want to emphasize again?

The hour is designed according to your needs.
There may or may not be any touching.
You can be witnessed and accompanied in your movements.
You can also come for a massage.
Overall, I am concerned with staying in the awareness of the moment to feel what is needed right now. In doing so, we remain in a shared verbal and/or non-verbal dialogue.

There is no set number of appointments, but for some issues it may be useful to come over a period of time.

My bodywork methods

As an ISMETA registered Somatic (Dance) Movement Educator, I am committed to upholding ethical and moral principles. The principles of Body-Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement, somatic psychology serve as my foundation, as do studies in sports and life sciences and dance education.
Practices from my advanced training in Myofascial Release Technique and approaches from Integrative Fascia Therapy are incorporated.
Time: 60 min

60-100 € ( according to own discretion and income).
Cancellation of a lesson must be made at least 24h before: Any room fees must still be paid.

Contact and appointment
+49 176 2349 9496

As a Registered Professional Member of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association, I meet the high Standards of Practice and uphold the Code of Ethics. For more information visit

In dieser festen Gruppe praktizieren wir Authentic Movement und lernen verschiedene Formen kennen. Die Grundform dient uns als Ausgangspunkt für eine Reise, die wir gemeinsam gehen werden und die auch das Nichtwissen einschließt. Wir werden uns im Nichtwissen üben, im stillen Bezeugen und im Sprechen als Bewegende und Zeugin. Dabei ist der Rahmen offen, um im Prozess Entscheidungen treffen zu können, welche Formen gerade passen. Eine feste Gruppe kann einen sicheren Raum für den individuellen Prozess bieten. Ich möchte Raum geben damit Individuen durch ihren Prozess gehen können und dabei von anderen, die sie kennen und die mit ihnen praktizieren, begleitet werden. Gleichzeitig bin ich auf den Prozess der Gruppe gespannt, den wir gemeinsam erleben werden. Ich möchte diesen Raum gerade jetzt in dieser Zeit geben. Ich finde es wichtig, Zeit zu nehmen, für das, was gerade da sein möchte, frei von Wertungen und Produktivität. Authentic Movement ermöglicht den Ausdruck für uns Unbewusstes und für dessen Integration. Das gemeinsame Praktizieren ist gleichzeitig für alle die Einladung zu sich zu finden und sich zu regenerieren. Werde Teil der Gruppe, als Bewegende und Zeug*in.


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